Automatic irrigation, watering and misting controllers and pump start relays


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Single Station Microprocessor Controller
For timing of seconds and minutes

Why buy?

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to program

  • Easy to use

  • Affordable price


Timing Specifications:

 Watering Time:   2 seconds to 10 minutes 
 Cycle Time:  1 minute to 1 hour
 Duration:   30 minutes to continuous operation 


Adjustable Settings

  • WATERING TIME - time to water

  • CYCLE TIME -  total length of watering time and off time for each cycle

  • DURATION - # of hours each day during which the watering cycles are repeated

  • START ADJUSTMENT - enables the watering cycles to be started at any time of the day

  • MANUAL ON - turns watering on

  • MANUAL OFF - turns watering off

  • AUTO - runs automatically


Controller Features:

  • Solid-State Microprocessor Controlled

  • 24 vac, 25 va high current output

  • Includes plug-in power supply

  • Power input "ON" light

  • Power output "ON" light

  • Switch for manual ON, manual OFF or automatic operation

  • Contactor UL, CSA approvals.

  • No exposed parts. Circuit board fully enclosed.

  • Finger-proof construction. No additional cover needed.

  • Field installation using only a screwdriver.

  • Electrical life 500,000+ operations.

  • Waterproof, dust proof

  • Flame proof polystyrene, resistant to chemicals and temperature extremes.

  • Compact size to fit any installation 

  •     4 7/8" wide x 6" high (includes back plate)

  •     2" deep (includes switch height)


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